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Asset management can be multi-faceted and complex. Financial assets, property, business, and personal factors must all be synthesized in such a way that they are aligned with the client’s investment strategy.

As Hamilton Chukyo Brokerage’ core business, asset management requires global expertise combined with a personalized approach. The main objective of our investment service is to provide our clients with a strategy that is adjusted to their specific needs in terms of expected returns, risk tolerance, future liquidity requirements, and potential tax and legal restrictions.

We determine a risk profile most suited to our clients’ specific needs. Using a comprehensive investment process, our investment experts base their asset allocation choices on several variables, such as the liquidity of the investment vehicles and the diversification in terms of regions, sectors and currencies.

Combined with a rigorous macroeconomic and graphical analysis, we then create personalised portfolio’s that will achieve the best performance at any given volatility. We select the best investment vehicles among the world’s leading banks and financial institutions, offering a dedicated open architecture platform to our clients.

We offer a variety of investment services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our services include advisory services and discretionary strategies in equity, fixed income and multi assets. We also offer an execution-only account for financially astute investors.

Our employees are devoted to guiding you towards the best investment prospects in line with previously defined investment objectives.

Hamilton Chukyo Brokerage’ investment team uses its comprehensive market understanding, long-lasting customer relationships, active communication and personalized advice. We strongly believe in active management of investments being the critical element of strong financial performance. We also work hard on the preservation of capital funds.

Our team of financial experts includes asset class specialists dedicated to producing the most investment gains for our clients within the defined risk parameters.

At Hamilton Chukyo Brokerage, we have devised an investment process tailored to suit the needs of all clients. Firstly, we analyze the political and economic environments to define risk profiles for investment, and we then allocate resources in our portfolio according to these weighted values.

Often, our analysis will yield results that are contrary to the current investment strategy being employed, which is why it is essential to account for risk profiles when allocating assets for investment.

Once we have defined an investment strategy, we use technical analysis to procure the securities that best fit the given criteria. When the investment is made, we use active management to readjust for sensitivity and change risk profiles continually.