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One of the investment services we provide is an advisory account. These accounts are suited for investors looking to take a step in expanding their financial capabilities.

Advisory accounts are best suited for investors that prefer a comprehensive investment approach. These clients can take full advantage of our extensive market knowledge and network while retaining full control of their investment decisions.

Advisory accounts provide a multitude of investment strategies for clients. Some of the various approaches afforded by advisory accounts include holistic portfolio management, targeting capital assets, or managing personal finances.

Whichever type of strategy you choose, our professionals will be there to assist by making limited investment decisions on your behalf, but only if they serve your previously-defined financial goals. These accounts will also usually incur an asset-based fee which includes the cost of operational transactions and portfolio management expenses.

Our brokers will offer valuable advice on making the right investments for your specific level of risk. We can change the approach and investment strategy of your advisory account according to your demands. For example, if you are looking for returns on capital with relatively low associated risk, then we will prioritize investments in fixed-income instruments or money market funds.

Hamilton Chukyo Brokerage’ role in advisory accounts is to support clients in the pre-selection of potential investments, provide relevant investment advice regularly, and share information about current market developments.