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Discretionary accounts are suited for clients interested in a more hands-off approach to their investment, you can utilize the complete range of expertise of our talented investment managers.

When opening a discretionary investment account, we facilitate our clients to sign a discretionary disclosure agreement with the appropriate broker agent. This is completed to certify the client’s consent to allow the broker to trade as the client’s representative.

Clients who opt for discretionary accounts with Hamilton Chukyo Brokerage are typically business professionals with hectic schedules. They do not have the time required to get involved in the day-to-day investment decision process. For these clients, we offer them a chance to earn long-term risk-adjusted returns without much hassle.

Discretionary accounts allow for more personalization and customization in your investments, by accounting for your risk-return profile and personal values defined in the disclosure agreement. This allows our financial experts to make investments efficiently without having to consult the investor before making every transaction.

This can also help our experts identify the higher quality of potential investment opportunities. The benefit to the client is that they can rest easy knowing that their investment is in the capable hands of Hamilton Chukyo Brokerage’ investment experts.