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At Hamilton Chukyo Brokerage, we aim to provide our institutional investors with the necessary financial services that cater to their demands.

Hamilton Chukyo Brokerage provides our advisory services to clients by determining the most advantageous jurisdiction for the clients’ specific business activities. This is performed by conducting a thorough analysis of the client’s needs and preferences.

Corporate executives and similar clients have professional responsibilities to their employer, as well as personal financial interests they want to achieve. These demands can be a challenge to fulfil, as regulations and legal requirements influence them. To tackle this issue, we harness the full scope of our network to deliver an assortment of advanced investment options, allowing you to maintain confidence in your investment decisions.

With Hamilton Chukyo Brokerage’s institutional services, our client can rest assured that their business will make the right decision in terms of legal entity and jurisdiction, as we provide complete company administration capabilities for corporations with consultation and input from lawyers and tax advisors.

These factors are the fundamentals upon which the business can be expanded further. For these clients, features the services of undertaking an IPO, and managing mergers and acquisitions for the industry.

Our clients can raise capital through equity and debt underwriting, initial public offerings, private placements, private investment in public equities and lending that can be modified to your specific needs.

Clients can also minimize your involvement with full-service, real-time stock plan administration, featuring service reporting compliant with accounting standards.

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