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For large companies looking to merge their assets with another firm to form a new legal entity, or for companies looking to acquire a smaller firm, we provide services to cater to this process.

To be recognized as a separate legal entity through a merger or acquisition, companies need to fulfil the necessary legal and regulatory requirements. We offer our expertise in financial management to equip you with the relevant documentation and information to execute your merger or acquisition successfully.

Mergers and acquisitions are used by our clients for portfolio optimization, as the growing regulatory and compliance pressure has driven many banks and asset managers to focus on their important business to be able to achieve better economies of scale.

This usually involves acquisitions or disposals to concentrate on their most important customers, mostly consisting of a small number of their biggest and most profitable core stakeholders.

Another advantage of mergers and acquisitions is that it provides them with a direct entry point to a previously inaccessible market segment.

For example, financial institutions can provide their services to countries in any corner of the globe by acquiring or merging with a local company.

A few of the crucial factors that influence the entire process are the size of the target firm and the acquiring firm’s strategic objective. The two most featured form of integration is full and partial.

In a full integration, the target firm’s assets are absorbed by the acquirer, and it essentially becomes a new company, with objectives, culture, and operating models now decided by the acquirer. Full integration requires complete front, middle and back-office integration, and Hamilton Chukyo Brokerage steps in to make the whole process easier.

In partial integration, it may not be necessary to form a separate legal entity, as this depends on the percentage of the target firm acquired by the company.

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