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At Hamilton Chukyo Brokerage, we recognize the fiduciary duty we are given when clients entrust us with their assets, therefore, we take a pragmatic and results-driven approach when managing your assets.

As a business, we perform strategic research, market intelligence and comprehensive candidate profiling to source the finest calibre of asset managers for our company. Our team has been selected for their unique talents and expertize, proven record of achievement in their profession and their continuing desire to succeed.

Hamilton Chukyo Brokerage has streamlined a disciplined and consultative approach to guiding our clients through the complete investment lifecycle. Each of our clients is appointed a strategy-dedicated asset manager who will work towards cultivating a trusted and prosperous alliance with them. The asset manager will provide their designated client with regular market intelligence, thought leadership, portfolio reporting, as well as guidance on portfolio enhancements and product development initiatives.

Irrespective of whether you are an individual client or corporation, at Hamilton Chukyo Brokerage, every client is treated with the same respect and empathy. We take time to consider your past, assisting every client in the same manner and with the same objective, which is to maximize their financial standpoint.

Hamilton Chukyo Brokerage understands the significance of strong ethical principles, and we strive to fulfil lasting confidence with all our clients. These values have driven our business through our founding years, and for our future growth, we will continue to evolve our strategies to satisfy our sophisticated global client base.

With Hamilton Chukyo Brokerage, you have a market-dominating team in your corner with a global reach accessing all the world’s leading financial markets. We aspire to become a trustworthy, ethical partner who truly understands you and your aspirations, and exceeds all your expectations.